Стрит покер на английском

A is the lowest Straight. Данная теорема напрямую вряд ли применима во время игры, однако она подчёркивает важность двух вещей: качественной оценки карт противника, оптимального принятия решений с стрит покер на английском этой оценки. История[ править править код ] О происхождении самой игры и даже её названия до сих пор идут споры. A is the lowest Straight Flush. Дословно это можно перевести как «три одинаковых».

стрит-флеш — с русского на английский

Flush в английском имеет множество значений, но перечисленные больше остальных соответствуют смыслу комбинации. Цель игрока собрать покерную комбинацию карт старше, чем у дилера. Видимо, название связано со словами «краска» или «внезапное изобилие». The group стрит покер на английском its own poker club, the Thanatopsis Literary and Inside Straight Club, which met at the hotel on Saturday nights.

При этом если несколько игроков за столом собирают стрит-флеш, побеждает тот из них, у которого самый старший стрит-флеш. К слову, русское произношение комбинации не совсем верно, так как «street» в переводе на русский означает «улица», а «straight» — «порядок».

Как называются комбинации в покере на английском?

Эта готовая рука включается стрит покер на английском себя пару и тройку. Пять карт одной масти. Пример двух фулл-хаузов. Текила покер используют колоду из 52 карт.

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  1. Tony Perez

    Epic, great job!

  2. Altide

    Why not show the dead dogs as well?

  3. Rupesh Choudhary

    This is not a Food This is Innocent animal he has Also right to live….

    1. Passion Scott

      If u eat cows pigs and chicken..u shouldnt be talking

  4. Bonnie Burton

    Address address to eat with kids do like candy or some at least something I know I’m getting this looks totally sick you’re right I shouldn’t be able to eat for a week after seeing this I’m just so grossed out now

  5. Daniella Mansour

    Gosh this is repulsive and
    the dog part was hard to watch for me

  6. Scott McCall

    OK Im starting to doubt the lab theory lol

  7. Sam Cortez

    just eat a burger bruh

  8. mr India


  9. Erin Selnez

    Is it an extreme market or the scariest market?

  10. Adrian Becker

    More viruses !!!

  11. Vickram Baval

    Seems they r preparing for another pendamic along with coronavirus

  12. Nicole Hayward

    Fools go around saying that Covid 19 was man made, not a chance. Did it mutate and spread because of markets like this? I for one cant think of a reason why not!

    1. D M

      @Nicole Hayward I just looked him up..hahaha nice

    2. Nicole Hayward

      @D M Let me guess, you listen to David Icke?

    3. D M

      Let me guess you hate Trump…

  13. kaustav kesh

    People who eat dogs… I feel like stabbing them with a knife..

  14. Best Ever Food Review Show

    My purpose in this video is not to support or condemn these people and what they do, but to show reality. Its an extreme way of life. It will make some people uncomfortable, but that doesnt mean Ill pretend it doesnt exist. I give plenty of fair warning, so if you think it may upset you, please dont watch it.

    Dog meat is obviously the most contentious issue for most. In the video, we see one local saying dogs taste good, but another explaining why she doesnt eat dog. To me, this seemed like a pretty balanced perspective. Even within that community, not every thinks alike.

    The sad truth about the dog meat industry is that its unregulated and therefore no one is checking the source of the dogs. This means that much, if not all of the meat is procured through dognapping and other nefarious means. Whether youre open to or against the consumption of dog meat is your choice. I personally (obviously) dont agree with dognapping and thus I cant even begin to think about accepting the industry on any level.

    1. Elisa Ribeiro

      this is not an extreme way of life. they could eat some fishes, raise chickens (not the ideal world, but the slaughtering method is less painful). But they choose to torture and kill anything that is alive. No respect for life at all. This is really bad.

    2. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you

    3. Hajar Renate Midbrød

      Best Ever Food Review Show … Dude ..considering the Pandemic currently wreaking havoc on our planet killing millions that came from a virus that originated from bats in CHINA , I think we can absolutely F …ing judge these people … Bats are a RESERVOIR of zoonotic viruses … and thanks to ignorant idiots in China millions have died .-(((( indefensible

    4. Trafalgar Law Jr.

      Imagine you need to explain your content just shows how pathetic and stupid PC culture is. I just discovered your channel and i love it!

    5. Katharina Meyer

      Its often cat meat, too.
      I dont think its everyone s own Choice. We as humans have respinsibility. And we must fight against grievances, animal cruelty as you often find here (and ôf course in every animal industry).

  15. Harry Cooke

    Front lines of coronavirus

  16. Jr Haagen

    The comment section is sooo rude and little bit toxic, daaaamn.
    You eats cows, treated like demon in huge factory but et dogs is not good to eat or a bat….. Guys reeeeally!? Hypocrite people asf

  17. Heartly Oppong

    Ebola 360

  18. Apoorv mishra

    Now where is the PETA??

  19. Emma Am

    You guys are cussing them for eating dogs but will eat literally other meats, you don’t have a valid opinion unless your a vegan Kmt

  20. george2p

    *A show about eating food of other cultures, no matter how extreme.

    *Willingly decides not to eat dog or any other meat in that market.

    Youre a good man, dude. Cheers!

  21. Matti hanaaso

    I’ll say it again cancel China I would be mad if they nuked China they deserve everything that happens to them

  22. tasmin james

    COVID followed this video to America

  23. Maryanne Taylor

    when you put in your body so much pain and suffering what that makes you?…


    Fcuk China

  25. oi dog

    ah covid

  26. ThatOneCoolNoob _10

    your videos are bad as hell xD trash noob lol

  27. Erla jam Alipala



    Fun fact: they even eat all kinds of animal shit.

  29. Bonnie Burton

    I’m sorry some people would probably eat shit if you fried it up or gross🤢

  30. IP MAN

    A friend mine dog disappeared and there neighbors were from Taiwan. True story. 🤔

  31. Farid Ghani

    They have the law againts killing macaque monkeys, but not for cats and dogs? New pandemic is coming. I’m really pissed at these native people!

  32. Iis Aryska

    This is the my country Unicue

  33. janet perey

    And clean your meat and dont eat it when its dirty

  34. janet perey

    Wuhan and people doesent clean the animals there

  35. law liet

    this is the place where corona was invented

  36. Rayzha K

    They are maniacs

  37. Deepak Gopaul

    So thats where the coronation virus came from:0

  38. mr India

    We are from India, we are not attached to East Asia. We are good people and society. Not like East Asia

    1. mr India

      @ThePsyBorg you added my knowledge that Pakistani like and eating pig 🐖 meat 🤣🤣🤣

    2. ThePsyBorg

      ok, now go back and take a bath in cow dung

    3. Gabriel N.

      Comparing India to japan is like comparing a wooden wagon to a ferrari

  39. Jotaro Kujo

    Me watch after COVID like: 👁👄👁 been here for ever

  40. smurf account

    9:22 you can hear her heart sink

  41. Neutral Gaming

    Legend are watching this video after vividh 19 ☠☠


    as an animal lover this made me cry 🙁

  43. The Missing Link

    Thats pretty fucked.

  44. janet perey

    And many people die

  45. soren utpal

    I have watched this video before the pandemic. Now rewatching

  46. Aris Revaldy

    As Indonesian I never eat these kinds 🤮

    1. mountain ranges

      Dont lie..loser

  47. Beomgyus lover

    Not to be disrespectful or smtg but this is so disgusting istg! No hate

  48. Thut Thut Suwannaratsamee

    Bat : eat me

    Chinese people : ok I’ll eat you

    1. Joshua Patrick

      Most dogshit joke I’ve ever seen on YouTube

  49. Moumita Das

    Corona, I heard you all!

  50. Kwez Galore

    Thanks dude, Im vegan now

  51. EternalSnoie

    I mean the way of living there and trying to make money out in the market. I can see why they’re reaching out for whatever nature brings them to sell… and yes that means cats, dogs, bugs, rats… snakes.. I mean anything they can get their hands on… they’re (some) not well educated about health. And yes some don’t care and are actually cruel.

    I would say my father has eating almost anything back at his home country… his family were poor! Dirt poor! So yes they had to eat dog, cats, snakes … just anything he can catch in the jungle. It is sad that some locals have to do this to even survive cause they don’t have an easy access to get the usual “chicken, cows, pigs, etc”. I mean even some kids in different countries eat DIRT.. DIRT to fill their bellies!

  52. RELL7

    Eating dogs and cats are illegal

  53. Bonnie Burton

    I didn’t think about coming near my cats

  54. gothicc

    the blatant racism in these comments 🤢

  55. Hanif Armida

    They said that taste good,but why they put much seasoning.

  56. Elisa Ribeiro

    No wonder if they eat peoples organs. They have no respect.

  57. Mahesh Mudiraj

    Dogs 😭😭😭

  58. Dr. Sunaina :)

    I can trick you 😑😑😑😎😎😑😎😑😎😎😎😑😎😎😑😑😑😎😑

    Read more…

  59. ishwar gandhi

    Wtf is happening here!!! Scary

  60. Apinez Stats

    Asias culture is vast, and its impossible for someone to generalize it. Swiss people also eat dogs, but why dont they get the same level of hate that Asians always get? lol

    1. Cthulhu Mythos

      Africans eat dogs, monkeys, gorillas too. And again no hatred towards them. This is just fxxxing Anti-Asian propaganda

    2. Anamika Jain

      @Apinez Stats I aman Asian too and I know how diverse is Asia but most countries dont follow the ideology that we can wat anything. My point is that these people believe in such a thing hence ppl say that they eat anything and everything because they themselves claim that.

    3. Apinez Stats

      @Anamika Jain you said it yourself. You just proved my point. Asia has numerous regions and each has its own distinct cultures and traditions. Its the largest continent after all. Stop using the vague term Asian smh

    4. Anamika Jain

      Because as the man mentioned east asians believe in eating anything on tha land except train and they do eat alot of different animals. Hence the hate.

  61. Wenilyn Torrigue

    Killing dogs is eleagal

  62. lemon animates

    steal my dog I d a r e y o u

  63. Raj Reddy

    Itna sab inko digest kaise hota hai

  64. ErBee

    my dog ​​will cry to see his friend in this market

  65. hamburger


  66. Raj Reddy

    They eat all animals except humans

  67. A Random Indian ✓ • 9 years ago

    They dont eat train. Not my type.

  68. umar b

    CoronaVirus: Origins

  69. Teera Xo

    Oh my lord

  70. ankur kumar

    They eat everything …forget that animals also have the right to live….corona virus is the result of this….many more viruses waiting…..

  71. M͜͡o͜͡g͜͡u͜͡ M͜͡o͜͡g͜͡u͜͡

    Where Covid-19 started:


    Horrible eating habits.. the some rules definitely made by god what to eat or what not to eat.. these people are violating The God’s normal rules..I am not a vegetarian but these peculiar peoples need to understand that not every thing which is alive get edible.. they violated the nature’s rules now whole world suffering for them by COVID virus 🦠..for god sake .. to these people:-be a human.. not a flesh eating monster…

  73. Rupesh gaming

    Heartless peoples in this country safe animals ❤️

  74. A Random Indian ✓ • 9 years ago

    Chickens: we aint alone here guys, everybody gets treated same✔️

  75. Cthulhu Mythos

    Far worse stuff in African Bushmeat markets- monkeys, gorillas, puppies, antelopes, snakes ..so why no outrage about that?

  76. poki doki

    Also, he literally said there are no farm animals, thats what they have to eat, youre not eating it so get over it lol

  77. Mixmell Arissa

    Oh man I feel bad for the cats why do they want to eat cats😱

    But chicken everybody ate tho

    I dont eat meat much

  78. John Liyam Ricks

    I was about to eat fruit. I dont want it to be disgusful

  79. Aawarapan Sayyed

    dis is y corono killed many people……..

  80. Quackity Alt

    Omg this is finna make me turn vegan

  81. poki doki

    half of these comments are blatantly racist.

  82. Sky Tabin

    Jesus loves you


    ew 🤢

  84. janet perey

    And thats why covid started

  85. Armando

    Aww got this in recomended,finally something that my whole family can watch !

  86. Mohit Yo

    China is a fucking dog

  87. ?!?!


  88. Ricardo Rick

    Thx for corona 🙂

  89. Jay XD


  90. Varinder Gill

    Looks tasty 😋

  91. John

    Oh so they steal dogs too? I live in the Philippines and I have uncles who do the same thing. They eat the meat alongside alcohol. I feel so bad sometimes

  92. anson lee li shen

    Bat = Corona

  93. Marcos Perez

    Meat Market in Brazil

  94. JOhnNYnjackcSON

    But why are they eating one of the most useful animals on the planet. Dogs help the blind by walking them, they also help to prevent cancer, and are meant for COMPANIONSHIP. WHYYY😭😭😭😭😭

  95. Robert Garriott


  96. Kill Me Kakashi

    Why, just why would you eat a dog, or a cat?

  97. Punit Ojha

    Dog is a farm animal like a cow in China or Asian region. Therefore no food is taboo for them. Dogs and Cats are domesticated in west, Cows as well in India and therefore their meat is taboo.


    Plz stop animal abuse….. This world is so cruel😖😖

  99. Γουένσντεϊ Άνταμς

    Everything on land can be eaten, except a train
    So we can eat a car for example?

  100. anakin skywalker


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