Леди гага покер фейс минусовка

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Леди гага покер фейс минус / покер фейс — леди гага

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Скачачь песнню леди гага покер фейс

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В их число попали слова песни Э..

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  1. Lucas Sampaio

    i know what you are looking for, 4:17
    youre welcome🥰

  2. MTV

    Check out our brand new series Stan vs Stan. New episode out now!! Post Malone & Tyler, the Creator Trivia 🎶

    1. Etoile2004

      @sunflower i know🤍 but saying that two women who are extremely hardworking and released a song of quality and a song that was so meaningful to gaga after everything she’s gone through to say they didn’t deserve to win is toxic

    2. sunflower

      @Etoile2004 ok,ok..shes a toxic army…but sometimes, dont judge a book by its cover 📔💜💜😁

    3. Etoile2004

      @sunflower she is a toxic army

    4. Marcheur Dalangin

      @mark 1

    5. Chim Chim


  3. Waw tuda


  4. Yesi Spahn

    Be brave ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  5. A YouTube Guy


  6. Lonely Me

    As an army will I just apologize for the toxic armys behaviour. Ariana and Lady Gaga did a wonderful performance and they well deserved the Grammy.

  7. TEUMEBLINKARMY in your area

    I see that BLACKPINK poster right beside the pillow at 0:26
    We love a supportive humble Queen

    1. TEUMEBLINKARMY in your area

      @Haus of Little Monsters and we LOVE the Lady queen Gaga

    2. Haus of Little Monsters


  8. Eulan Rick Nicor


  9. Pablo Miñano

    *rain on me*

  10. keoeoekkddk ksiskoxowksoso

    they’re dancing and singing in hair, makeup, costumes, and a mask. i better not see another person saying they can’t breathe with a mask while going to freaking target 💀

    1. Haus of Little Monsters

      tell em!!

  11. Alice Act II


  12. Haus of Little Monsters


  13. Sulaimaan Hosenally

    So you mean BTS have lost for this

    1. Giyuu is an Arianator


    2. John Carl Abunawas

      Gaga and ariana deserve it look at there performance here 🙂 grammy is not about views or popularity its about the song quality and bts cant sing

    3. this dude


  14. Iván Irrazábal


  15. Natacha Placido


  16. Haus of Little Monsters

    Im here for they both, Gaga and Ari 💗

  17. tri hardhi


  18. Diviner Golden

    No one is going to question how she changed so quick?

  19. ♡Ari._.pink♡

    This performance will never get old. They won the grammy for a ✨reason✨

    1. ♡Ari._.pink♡

      @Haus of Little Monsters same

    2. Haus of Little Monsters

      Yasss, i hope one day we will get a Sour Candy performance with Gaga and BLACKPINK together:(

  20. Eulan Rick Nicor

    lady gaga and ari are the only singers that can also dance

  21. Maya Delarosa

    She said I rather be dry but at least I’m alive rain ☔️ on me, that sounds like an oxymoron. Music these days is conflicting and confusing, no wonder the young children are so lost and do not no if they are a boy or a girl. 🤪🤪🤪

  22. Juan Mantilla

    Stupid Love acoustic is not it.

  23. Ss Ll

    Is not her best live
    But ok 👌

  24. Giorgio De Marco

    Lady gaga’s whistle is on another level

    1. John Carl Abunawas

      Ariana whisles :/

  25. iamrj

    No ones gonna talk about Arianas Run before the Whistle

  26. fluffy

    I started crying whe gaga said good job to Ari we need more queens supporting queens instead of eachother beefing

  27. Жасмин Алиева


  28. sunshine

    2:20 rain on me

  29. Alexa trxsh

    Ariana no se equivocó cuando dijo que Dios era una mujer 💗

  30. Chloe

    A beautiful collboration. 😍

  31. Ryan Jaggernath

    Valentina did the lip sync and mask first… #DragRace ❤️

  32. ye ok

    1:52 rain on me

  33. Gigi Patiño

    Lady gaga eres la mejor
    Ariana Grande eres la mejor
    Mis ganadoras del grammy, de mi corazon, del mundo

  34. Kỳ Vũ

    Qúa trời đỉnh cao luôn 2 má ôiiiiii

  35. Felipe Macedo


  36. NoobMaster2020 Gibby

    i thought that is the intro of baby shark song.. hahah

  37. Brayan Grande Butera


  38. patanella

    this was the moment i realized they should’ve turned ari’s vocals up on the studio version

  39. Kenny Lawson

    ICONIC QUEENS SINGING AND DANCING WITH MASKS LIVE! other artists may be talented, but these two are just legendary <3 they perform with perfection, write their own songs, play so much instruments, stands up for oppressed minorities, attends protests, and are both talented actresses too. God is a woman indeed.

  40. Jeremy Bolaños

    they have a mask but the sound is normal?

  41. arturo garcia

    Do love god🌬️🌎

  42. Ricco Evangelista

    Este musica vai fica gravada com a Musica da Pandemia !!

  43. Alex Bryant

    Gagas charisma is so beautiful. Her IQ is 166 while Ariana has just an IQ score 105 but still amazing. Gaga is absolutely genius even in music industry.

  44. yashika sharma

    lol ariana: hands up to the sky

    lady gaga: MTV MTV

  45. Mia Flores

    lol rain on me didnt deserve the grammy award BTS deserved it

    1. Rafael Bravo

      Mía Flores ewww que vergonzoso haber nacido como tu

    2. John Carl Abunawas

      LOL cant u see Gaga and Ari performance its more good than Dadanymite bts cant whisle tho LOL

    3. marixxi!

      False info

    4. test drive nothin

      the way u think the Grammys care for views is beneath me💀✋

    5. this dude

      Eww corana virus Bts didnt🤢🤮🤮

  46. Oscar Hunter

    I feel bad for lady Gaga BCS her bra is showing the lower half of her you know and some people are laughing

  47. Rafael Lizarraga Flores

    Ah lady gaga casi se le sale una teta jajaa

  48. Ricca WD

    Gmn bs sing with mask on…wow👏👏👏

  49. astrid blue

    Lady gagá será por siempre mi artista favorita

  50. Fxaqs

    I still refuse to believe that bts could have won agains this masterpiece

  51. James

    All artists lip sync, it’s Necessary at some points throughout their careers. Usually due to the stage performance being too physically demanding. Usually in tours they use it for a breather and a little rest of their voice. Lazy one do it more often but lady Gaga is not one of them. Even Madonna with her mtv performances would lip sync without hiding it to focus on giving a more enjoyable performance. If you deny it your just as bad who believes professional wrestling is real lol. What it comes down to is putting on a good show for the people who paid. They still will actually sing words but not the whole song for a breath when it’s done like this. Singing for hours on end isn’t actually good for your voice and a voice is the most vital assist to an artist, so it needs a rest some times 😛

  52. Haus of Little Monsters

    Las canciones de Chromatica suenan tan bien en vivo 😭💗 Gaga te amo mi reinita

  53. Alisson Melquiades

    Perfect show! Até agora fico me perguntando, o que Lady Gaga falou para Ariana Grande?! 🤣😍

  54. rodrigo benavides

    Ariana grande being amazing wearing a mask while people complain

  55. Alvin Ace

    i still wanna know what gaga screamed at her on 4:20

  56. brownie Felipe

    Princess ❤️🌺

  57. Junaid A. Hadjizaman


  58. José Gouveia


  59. Mariana Campos

    my MTV gaga’s performances ranking:

    1- 2009 VMAs: Paparazzi
    2- 2020 VMAs: Chromatica medley 💗
    3- 2013 VMAs: Applause
    4- 2011: VMAs: You and I

  60. Aidan Forrester

    If I had a voice like either of these lady’s especially Gaga I love deeper mezzo sopranos I would never shut up.

  61. Nazri Sulaiman

    I dont like the feeling of rain on me.😲😯😮😖😲

  62. Ovril Nil

    Armys are being crazy day by day
    Thats why now I hate armies

  63. HornWATER

    Gaga looked like a sausage stuffed in her outfit.

  64. Teresa

    im so curious what gaga said to ari

  65. Pedro Paulo

    AmOOOooooo 😉

  66. JynieYa

    Eu amo elas, amo lady gaga e amo ariana grande, mais por favor quer me falar que elas ganharam em grupo ou duo performance … Conte BTS, assim… Não kk

    1. JynieYa

      Fico feliz que elas ganharam mais, nada a ver

  67. Sheriff Poblete

    Whos here after listening to Arianas whistle at Save Your Tears Live? ❤️😍

    1. Gabriele Asnaghi


    2. Sabit Can Nazlı


    3. Hi

      @Underground Anh it definitely is a whistle, head voice is different

    4. Underground Anh

      Its head voice not whistle

    5. Farid M Nabor


  68. Nash Laureta

    Lady Gaga flexing BLACKPINK at the back 0:23

  69. Ja-Lieca Landers

    he choreogrophy is disturbing and unappropriate

    1. John Carl Abunawas

      @Idiom Idiot ikr

    2. Idiom Idiot

      Learn English kid

    3. Giyuu is an Arianator


    4. this dude


    5. John Carl Abunawas

      Lol learn grammar first toic armpits

  70. Eunice Delle

    Its June 2021 and still wondering what Lady Gaga said to Ariana at 4:22 🤣

  71. P H

    I Love LADY GAGA

  72. Drack104

    omg ARI 4:17 wow

  73. james mcmillan

    the fuckedup grammys

  74. E gui

    Listening to the whistle Ariana did is my daily medicine

  75. Colin Cavaliere

    I don’t think anyone understands how obsessed I am with this performance

  76. gianna genovese

    it’s been 9 months, and i’m still obsessed with this performance. 🥲

  77. Uh Ok???

    Army please stop hating on these guys pls I just feel so sad they dont deserve this pls dont be such a toxic fanbase 😭

  78. JASR

    Las amooooo <3

  79. Hakan b Güven

    ☔️🌦⛈💧Rain on me♥️♥️ love this ❣️❣️

  80. arturo garcia

    I make it rain power real power 🌬️🌎🌧️👑

  81. 赵俊杰


  82. Orion Harmon

    Thats a cool face mask that lady gaga has, none of us has never had a face mask but it looks pretty futuristic.

  83. Nazri Sulaiman

    Gaga win Oscar grammys plus MTV awards.talent well display shout to Gaga adoring fans all over.😆😁😅🤩😊

  84. Mariana Campos

    Gaga and Ari served vocals, choreo, hair, body, face and masks for a whole 9 minutes. Queens thingz 👑

  85. astrid blue

    Larga vida a mi diosa gaga

  86. A YouTube Guy

    hear for the rain on me and gaga

  87. Anderson Marins

    Iconic ❤️

  88. Cami BT

    Amo esta presentación!!!!

  89. Abhishek Bhatt

    4:15 a movement

  90. Mariana Campos

    name a more powerful thing than Gaga and Ari’s live vocals…

    i’ll wait

  91. Joana Cavalcante


  92. Jaxson the quesadilla 👌


  93. Janna Flores


  94. Anshika Saraswat

    Why her notes are healing

  95. Alexis Jimenez

    Who’s here after Gaga daily posted the Chromatica map?


    They should wear full clothes while performing. Again i cant show this amazing performance to my family. 😥

  97. astrid blue

    Lady gaga no es de este planeta

  98. Maria Zavache

    Ce e face ariana grande lui Lady Gaga la final ce demonstrație de mare artistă te iubesc mult din tot sufletul meu ariana grande 😮😯😍👂👂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👑👑

  99. moonlight

    Shut up

    1. Jello 099
    2. Giyuu is an Arianator

      U shut up

    3. John Carl Abunawas

      SHUT UP

  100. emmadarkky


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